Tag: Sammy Davis Jr.

November 4, 2014 /

Barbara Stanwyck on the set of The Lady Gambles: A couple of years ago I bumped into a cinematographer friend in Vegas. He asked me if I’d ever gambled before and I said “no” and he said “perfect” and led me over to the craps table and handed me a…

September 11, 2014 /

A favorite of the Rat Pack: A night in 1952: Sammy Davis Jr. recorded a live album here, and Judy Garland staged her comeback in 1958:

January 20, 2014 /

Left to right: James Baldwin, Burt Lancaster, Charlton Heston, Marlon Brando, Sammy Davis Jr., Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte

June 7, 2013 /

I was trying to figure out the Rat Pack’s enduring appeal, for men, let’s face it, predominantly men — at first I thought it had to do with nostalgia, and then I remembered an incident from my youth. My dad (truly a father of another era) took a friend and…

June 8, 2012 /

Well, kittens — the man keeps taking down these clips as fast as I put them up. Keep your fingers crossed…