From any angle – the perfect valentine – Cary Grant

Cigarette Holder

“Everybody wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant.”

Congratulations, Archibald Alexander Leach, you’re the only man who ever was.

Cary Grant in early days - over groomed eye brows


  1. George Kaplan

    That quotation is really memorable, it reminds me of Rita Hayworth’s Gilda comment but with wryness rather than sadness. I love the famous telegram quotation “How Old Cary Grant?”, “Old Cary Grant Fine. How You”. A witty man.
    No insult intended to Dyan Cannon (and I don’t know what Cary was like to live with having not read her book nor having any intention to) but one of the few times I agreed with my mother saying that the man was better looking than the woman – and she used to say it *all* the time, often about women who were in my eyes gorgeous! – was with Dyan and Cary. And he was *considerably* older than her as well, sorry that was wicked and ungracious of me, apologies Ms Cannon!

  2. Dear Ms L
    I feel a Spartacus Moment coming on… No – I want to be Cary Grant.
    So suave and yet so fragile.
    Did you ever here the stories of some moths he spent living back in London towards the end of his life – I’m sure it’s in one of the authorised autobiographies,
    Strange isn’t how just a generation or so ago so many Americans felt such an affinity with ‘the homeland’. i know someone who escorted Elizabeth Taylor – Dame Elizabeth Taylor I should say – on some parts of her last visit to the UK – very near the end. Said she was very moved and knew things that really only someone who’d lived here all their life could or should.
    My that was a preambulation off the point.
    Dashing photographs, lovely quote.
    How cruel they were to call him and Babara Hutton Cash and Cary – he never took a penny and scattered her son’s ashes.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed dandy

    • You know, even though both of them came up through the Studio System it couldn’t completely protect them from the cruelty of living a highly visible life. I think a lot of people who get into their acting careers young don’t realize the toll it will take. It is very, very, difficult to keep your perspective but, both Mr. Grant and Miss Taylor did it extremely well.
      I love “the homeland” even though I haven’t been there in ages, and it’s not where I was born… I just remember the feeling of being young and discovering cousins in London from all generations who looked like my tribe, and it made me feel like I belonged. Since Grant and Taylor were born there multiply that by a thousand…
      All my best,

  3. George Kaplan

    V, I love, love, love that Cary/Ann story, it’s so adorable and the final meeting is a killer (“And I will always love you, darling”). Thanks for the link. And now I must try to sleep.
    Love, G.

    • This is the thing, when he first came to Hollywood he looked a little rough, seriously! I think the studio makeup dept. tried to over compensate by tweezing his brows, I’ve even seen pics of him with a deep, deep, tan and question mark eyebrows and I hardly would have guessed he would grow into the epitome of poise and sophistication…

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