Movie Stars and Swimming Pools and It’s in His Kiss, by moi, Vickie Lester!

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Most of you come here to see glamorous pictures of Classic Movie Stars. I’ve got news for you! If you don’t click on any of my links to buy my affordable, entertaining, delightful book—then I will be forced to post pictures of Sidney Greenstreet…naked.

sydney greenstreetDon’t say you weren’t warned.

Okay, okay, just so you don’t think I’m a rat. Swimming pool and movie star…

Cary Grant at Hearst Castle perched above the Neptune pool:

Annex - Grant, Cary_07The Neptune Pool, a nice little swimming hole…

Hearst Castle - Neptune Pool


    • From what I understand, although WRH was strict and had some highly moralistic rules at the castle (you know, besides living with his mistress who he basically purchased from her father by making sure he was appointed a judge, anyhoooo) the movie stars at the castle just kind of did what they wanted to behind his back. And I say, good on ’em!

  1. George Kaplan

    BWAHAHAHAHA! Kaspar Guttman exposed to the elements: tastefully done, I hope… 😉 Not quite the “stuff that DREAMS are made of” but nightmares, indubitably! Sorry, Mr Greenstreet!

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