Funny Face – Richard Avedon – Audrey Hepburn – Fred Astaire

AVEDON HEPBURNAnnex - Astaire, Fred (Funny Face)_NRFPT_02


      • beautycalyptique

        that for sure!

        (slightly off-topic but I’m the beauty dept here: never again had a woman the looks to pull off THAT eyebrow and be gorgeous)

      • beautycalyptique


        *gains back inner poise* 🙂
        Sure I do. But even if you put hers on Brooke Shields, they would still be bigger – and not look as fab on anybody else, fashion come, fashion go.

      • Ah, I’m still laughing over that one… 🙂

        Okay, specifics. Are Audrey’s tweezed, clipped, penciled or all of the above?

        Oh, and I have to tell you! I was in the salon the other day and I saw somebody have their eyebrows threaded – wow, did they turn out sculpted and lovely!

      • beautycalyptique

        all of the above at different ages 🙂

        sculpted eyebrows are the classiest thing to sport in the canvas of one’s face. *nods*

  1. George Kaplan

    Oh, in character, out of character,wasn’t Ms Hepburn just a vision of *glorious beauty*?! She was one of those women possessed of a rare elfin wonder (of course there are many other different kinds of beauty) and True beauty that seemed to shine from within, and when she smiled… And from what I know of her “real life” self it wasn’t an illusion. I, myself, am blessed to know of a woman like that in *my* life but thankfully that’s beyond the purview of this prolix comment!
    I LOVE the second image 🙂 Thankfully, there’s not a close-up here of good old Fred Austerlitz here, because as typically skilled as he was in Funny Face he did look a little like the Child-Catcher as Audrey’s love interest. Sorry Mr Astaire. 😉

      • George Kaplan

        Vraiment, M’amselle! Even as a (romantically-inclined) teenager I dreamed of dancing like Mr Astaire : such style, such elegance, such elan. And then there’s his *voice*, it may have been warbly and reedy but there was a truth and beauty in that fragility. If you really loved someone and wanted to sing to them (!) in a way that captured their wonderfulness I think that Fred’s singing style would be fitting, I can’t pretend to have a great singing voice but I could sing like Fred and it would mean much more, perhaps, than someone with highly trained vocal chords! Okay, George is rambling, let’s just say I love Fred’s voice. 😉

  2. Heather in Arles

    Only one Audrey ever.
    Although I must agree with Mr. Kaplan. But do appreciate, as always, the specificity of Mr. Astaire’s hands while holding the photo.
    I wonder what Mr. Avedon was thinking??? He looks sooo young here!

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