When Oscar went from gold to plaster – 1943

Readers inquired about the scaled down ceremony, I thought I’d supply the visual, and yes – these statuettes were plaster:

1943 Van Heflin Greer Garson James Cagney THeresa Wright

From left to right, Van Heflin, Greer Garson, James Cagney, and Theresa Wright.

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  1. February 22, 2013

    Always loved Theresa Wright, considering she almost died after her Uncle Charlie tried to push her off a train, and she did die in England when a bomb killed her but left Mrs. Miniver untouched, and finally, her tears in her parent’s bedroom (Millie and Al) after the war as she broke down, these were transcendent moments. She will never be equaled….

    • February 22, 2013

      “Shadow of a Doubt” – such a great movie! “Mrs. Miniver” – her performance makes me weep buckets each time I see it, “The Best Years of Our Lives” – I’m pretty much gone from the opening musical refrain – I know, she’s not in it, but it’s the same era.

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