“Computers are always logical and consistent, and you see how often they get proposed to.” Zsa Zsa Gabor

photo 4“Another problem you’ll have when you read my advice is that you may get mixed up, because I’m not so logical or consistent. But then love is not logical and consistent. And I’m certainly not logical and consistent. So why should my advice be? If you want that kind of thinking then go to a computer. Computers are always logical and consistent, and you see how often they get proposed to.” 

Zsa Zsa Gabor

I got proposed to many moons ago and I am with that lovely man in Palm Springs, where we met.

My advice?

Try not to get married as many times as Zsa Zsa. Although, according to the sage wisdom of Gwynie who introduced us to “conscious uncoupling” and the rule of the ten year relationship span, nine-times-wed ninety-eight-year old Zsa Zsa is beating the curve.

Long live love, my angels. And I hope you have bundles of it.


    • Ah, I believe you might be on another continent right now, however, the expansive wood beamed roof of this Mid-century desert hideaway heats in the sun and cools by night, and if I didn’t know Ms. Gabor was still with us—I would think she was cavorting (pop creak crack!) on the rooftop until dawn with ALL nine of her husbands…

  1. George Kaplan

    The spectral version of Zsa Zsa just shimmered over and whacked a spectral cop over his spectral head… Hah. Irrepressible! 😉

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