Speaking of horse races, Barbara Stanwyck and Zeppo Marx owned a thoroughbred stable…


On November 19, 1936, the Van Nuys News/Daily News article reported Kentucky Thoroughbred Horse Farm New Valley Enterprise, “127 acres of the Porter Estate in North Los Angeles (Northridge) is purchased by a syndicate composed of actress Barbara Stanwyck, her agent Zeppo Marx and William S. Hart. Fifty of the finest Kentucky thoroughbred racers will be moved to the ranch as soon as quarters are provided for them”. This ranch was designed to be a thoroughbred breeding, boarding and training ranch. It was named Marwyck.

via The Friends of Oakridge, Ranch History

Marwyck Stables (later Oakridge) photographed by George Brich
Marwyck Stables (later Oakridge) photographed by George Brich


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  1. June 7, 2015

    Watching Stanwyck now on TCM in “The Bitter Tea of General Yen” (1933) as I peruse your beguiling blog…Are you taking part in the TCM ‘Summer of Darkness’ Film Noir course online? It has been so much fun sharing one’s passion for films with a virtual community.

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