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November 26, 2020 /

Listen my angels, it’s been a hell of a year. On this Thanksgiving I wish you happiness and peace and hope. And most of all β€” I wish you love.  

October 24, 2020 /

Unlike Mr. Booker, Bob Brown was not a man who, he liked to say, β€œWaded through god damn minutia,” especially the finer points of male versus female behavior. Bob Brown tended to set goals and chart practical points to achieve them. He thought of himself as an integral, fundamental, part…

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November 4, 2014 /

Barbara Stanwyck on the set of The Lady Gambles: A couple of years ago I bumped into a cinematographer friend in Vegas. He asked me if I’d ever gambled before and I said “no” and he said “perfect” and led me over to the craps table and handed me a…