Summer’s here, time to find out what sizzles behind the scenes in Hollywood…click on the picture for the Kindle version of “It’s in His Kiss” by Vickie Lester



  1. erickeyswriter

    Well, you pushed me over the edge. The book has been purchased – in the Kindle edition, anyway. I’m working on one of Adrienne’s books right now but once it’s done I should be starting yours.

    • Thank you, it makes me so happy knowing you are going to read it! But, excuse me, I just have to slip into my Bossy Pants. I know you’re writing something new, don’t get too distracted. 😉

      • erickeyswriter

        I’ll try not to! Anyway, I kind of shipwrecked my new piece. I’m re-working the plot so I might have to step back a bit, anyway.

      • No, no, no shipwrecks. Just bob around in the water some more and see where the current takes you—hopefully someplace unexpected—it’s going to work out.

      • erickeyswriter

        I hope so. The opening is really strong. Then I think I got desperate for a plot and stapled something on too soon. But I’ve got some ideas about how it should be. We’ll see what happens. Not nearly ready to give up!

        (Oddly enough, the opening was partly inspired by a children’s book I read to my kids about a shipwrecked dog called Sailor Dog. I loved it when I was a kid and now my kids love it.)

      • erickeyswriter

        I’ll keep that in mind! If you want, I can send you what I got. Drop me a note if you’re interested. No pressure though. We’re all busy, right?

      • It’s probably swimming around in that spam filter… This is what I wrote:

        Bossy Pants are my usual attire. Now. I’d be happy to read what you’ve got up to this point, but think about this. You’re in the middle of a process, if it helps to have someone to talk to, and see what their impressions are of the story, I’m your gal. But I also know sometimes if you let a story go before you’re ready it can stifle the flow. While it’s still unformed and malleable and exists only in your mind and on your computer there are infinite ways it can develop. Once somebody else sees it…

        Ponder that and let me know.

        Write on!

      • erickeyswriter

        Would definitely like to get your impressions. Sadly, unless your email arrives – and it doesn’t appear to be in my spam filter! – I can’t send it to you. If your concerned about your email being harvested, leave it in a comment on my blog. I’ll delete the comment before it posts and no spammers will find it.

      • Sent you my two cents, in which I forget to tell you I got a real charge out of the implied author as well. Let me know if the email made it through this time.

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