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Friends and family to the east, stay warm, stay safe, and let us entertain you with a Hollywood novel, served up weird, witty, and with a twist…

January 15, 2016 /

“Is what a big deal?” he countered, chewing on his pipe stem. “An agent being on set.” “Let’s just say there’s always a natural antagonism between management types and creative types. Your father would call it something else, but we’ll call it a natural antagonism.”

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January 7, 2016 /

Grieving Jean Harlow at the funeral of Paul Bern, her husband, 1932. Things take a turn for the sad in chapter 3, You Only Live Once…

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* HAPPY HOLLYWOOD, BEGUILERS! AND A MERRY NEW YEAR! Compliments of the Season, from Pippa of London & Vickie of Los Angeles! Look for Chapter 2 (the slightly saucy one) on New Year’s Eve… .