Vickie Lester goes all Hollywood in Boston (and reveals Bette Davis once posed nude)…

photo 3I was a little bored yesterday, but when you’re not working on set — that’s what happens when visiting. In general it was kind of a reminder (as I watched the filming) of how much I love the process. It’s a happy set, that can be rare, here it’s all camaraderie and applause at the end of a take. I did observe shaking shoulders and suppressed laughter (my own included) while shooting, a good sign for a comedy.

Okay, let’s talk about clothes! The director turns up every day in a suit and tie. Did I tell you how warm it is here? The expertly tailored suit is buttoned up, the tie is not loosened, the gentleman’s posture is perfect. I think this is a stroke of brilliance. At once he asserts his authority, his charming eccentricity (he carries a walking stick when he arrives), and you can spot him amongst the jeans and tees a mile away. He is a doll, and very, very, clever.

 This morning I woke up, put up a couple of posts, then walked to drop off the laundry, picked up something to eat at the bakery and a cup of coffee, then meandered home. Babies, dogs, builders (lots of renovations going on in this neighborhood) everywhere! I am perched now at a little table with a view of the street…

I’m adjusting to a new climate (and my wildly swinging hormonal levels, ah perimenopause!) so everyday I down the java to chase away a migraine, today included.

When the caffeine starts to take affect I will dive into writing, I think this place is going to be very good for finishing the next novel.

 I enclose this newspaper clipping as a reminder we all have scandalous pasts.
 Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 7.22.56 AM

À bientôt, V



  1. Well! That was something I’d never heard of before. Oh, Miss Vickie, you’re such a sleuth. I just reposted this on the “BETTE DAVIS BABYLON” Facebook page where I know the lurkers there would be interested in learning about both this sculpture and, of course, your ever-fascinating blog.

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