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July 2, 2019 /

  And it’s not only people that make my heart flutter…so can a beautiful building, or the angle of light on a linen pillow case… That said, I have been taking a long break from blogging, working on the new novel and refining my 1924 Spanish Revival home. Household maintenance…

September 9, 2016 /

I know, I know… You were probably thinking with the L.A. influence coupled with a long spell in an English girl’s school that my literary inspirations would be a cross between Joan Didion and Evelyn Waugh. Far from it, my angels! My writerly consciousness was largely shaped by the Muppets.

June 19, 2016 /
June 19, 2016 /
May 2, 2016 /

You know I have to put a qualifier in here… My screenwriting career, such as it was… Anyway, once upon a time a big Hollywood producer had a bored overnight guest and after a sweet interlude in bed this young lady wandered through his house looking for something to read.…

April 10, 2016 /
February 24, 2016 /
February 20, 2016 /
February 12, 2016 /