Rise and shine at the Coffee Cup Cafe in Hollywood – 1920

The best I can come up with for this architectural style is: whimsical. This is the Coffee Cup Cafe.


  1. Somehow I got a mental picture of Amy Simple McPherson doing a mass baptism in that coffee cup!
    On second thought what we need is one of those giant donuts I remember from my early childhood in Lakewood…!

      • I will bring the donuts and both an angel food and devils food cakes…. gotta have good eats for a holy experience ….how exciting for you to have indoor water at last! When does the hand pump arrive?

      • We’ll bake the cakes in my old Wedgewood range! I actually do remember spending summers at a ranch in Wyoming when I was a toddler – there was a star on the outhouse door, and a hand pump in the kitchen. And, I also remember going around with my little pal, Pasha, and opening the bin where they kept these compressed grain cakes for the horses AND EATING THEM. So much for my sense of cuisine 😉

      • Oh what great memories! … lets see…ah I have a good one for you!
        When I was three I went to visit my grandparents in Fontana where they had a turkey ranch. I came down with chicken pox and gave it to the turkeys. They all died and so my Grandpa and Granny had to go back to work! I was a devil child I guess. I killed their business!
        They had a dog named Mike who climbed the old pepper trees. I would sneak handfuls of his Purina dry dog food to munch on. So eating horse cakes ain’t so bad Missy!

      • I just about fell over reading that 🙂 I too had chicken pox at the ranch when I was three, I remember being coated in Caladryl, but I don’t think I killed any livestock. You got me there, Mister!

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