The autumnal equinox with Bette Davis, which puts me in mind of forever friends and Hollywood…


If you’re new around here I’ll let you in on the drill. At Beguiling Hollywood I post pictures and historical tidbits, and often that leads me right back to talking about myself.

This fall finds me in Boston where my husband, the Mister, is working on a movie and which, coincidentally, is also where I set the opening of my novel-in-progress.

You know I try to be discreet about Hollywood happenings, it’s never been a delicate balance for me. I have enormous respect for filmmakers, and I always have. But in this digital age what some individuals don’t realize is — when they behave badly on a film set — that behavior is telegraphed to a film community and that community talks. So even if they are surrounded by sycophants and enablers (and those contractually obligated not to squeal on social media) their reputations precede them. And that preceding talk is what fuels my fiction.

What has this to do with forever friends? Sit tight, and I’ll tell ya.

Just like Olivia de Havilland (99) and Bette Davis, I have friends that I haven’t seen in years, yet when I do it’s like going home — no matter where in the world I am. I had the pleasure of seeing two such friends last week. When we were young we were in and out of each others houses constantly. We stayed up to all hours, discussed everything and everybody, traveled together, ate together, and kept confidences our entire lives. The bonds of childhood are like no other, and the love I feel in their company really does transcend time.

So it was with some surprise when I was with one of these friends (sitting outside on a beautiful day in New England, just on the cusp of autumn) that she remarked, “You know so many Hollywood stories…” To which I immediately replied (piping up like the vexed twelve year-old I still am deep in my soul), “You know exactly the same stories I do!” After all, one of her parents was a director.

That said, both of these wonderful women have been talking to me about moving east, and while I am really tempted, I noticed neither one has said anything about the snow…

Here’s to my beautiful friends, four seasons, and a life spent talking about everything and everybody!


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  1. September 23, 2015

    What a beautiful expression of friendship between these two women. (It made me a little verklempt!) Thank you for posting.

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