Veronica Lake – I Married a Witch – Mr. Lester, you are forbidden to comment

Annex - Lake, Veronica_03


  1. Sullivan’s Travels, This Gun for Hire, I Married a Witch…Lake is one of my great favorites. Smart and sardonic, but full of heart. Something about her suggests a survivor who’s making the best of a fallen world. I read her auto-biography as a teen, so I don’t remember much. But I do remember a passage in which she describes drinking gin while making blueberry pancakes. And that she describes a post-Hollywood life working as a diner waitress while having a doomed love affair with a burly longshoreman.

      • I just have to jump in here with a thought or three about Ms. Lake’s autobiography, as it is one of my favourites (and I have reviewed it a few times over the last 10 years). It is called “Veronica” and is co-authored (or ghost-written, depending on your take) by Donald Bain, who is probably best known for “sharing” a by-line with Jessica Fletcher in the series of Murder, She Wrote books based on the television show. Regardless of who wrote what in “Veronica”, it is a terrific look at her distinctive and charmingly prickly personality. I highly recommend finding a copy! Here is one of the more interesting excerpts: “Merchant seamen look a certain way. Spencer Tracy? All the senior airline pilots in the world? All people cursed with premature wrinkling? Leathery skin? Romance through squinting eyes? I don’t know. But Andy was undoubtedly a seaman and so were his two friends. It wasn’t even debatable.” Thanks for letting me intrude, Vickie and regularpop!

      • Thanks to these lovely photos and the compelling recommendation of maedez, I’m gonna have to read it again ! Here’s hoping my library has it as well. Many thanks to Ms. Lester and Ms. maedez.

  2. George Kaplan

    Love Veronica Lake and I Married A Witch. I find Ms Lake very appealing, and it was so sad what happened to her. Her wit when talking about herself was refreshing yet melancholy. Fabulous picture!
    Oh, and what’s this? A comment from Lanier mentioning Paul Lynde and Elizabeth Montgomery/Pandora Spocks? Parfait! That cheers me, as does dropping back in on Ms Lester’s Beguiling. (he smarms!)

    • Did you read the autobiography too? I can’t wait until it arrives at the library! Hope you are cheered and feeling much better. Bewitched was possibly my favorite TV show as a child, little did I know how saucy and somewhat twisted the novel that inspired it was. If you haven’t read “I Married a Witch” by Thorne Smith I highly recommend it. 🙂

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