The calm before Thanksgiving is about to break…standby for complete recipes and “how to”

Vickie Lester cooksWhen I was a little girl sometimes I would wake and pad down the stairs to the kitchen early on Thanksgiving morning and my mom would already have a 22 pound bird trussed up, stuffed, and ready for roasting. Her face would be rosy, her coffee cup empty, and now that I’m older I recognize the expression she wore. Something like appreciation for the quiet I had just shattered, anticipation for the gathering of family friends to come, and gratitude. Gratitude that her nineteen year-old husband survived WWII and came home to her four years later. Gratitude that after growing up in the Depression there was plenty.

vl kitchenI have had a much less eventful life than my mom but, I have plenty to be thankful for. Things can get pretty raucous around the holidays, especially around my dinner table. And that’s what I love about it; from the quiet of the kitchen to the noise and laughter of a full house.

To good friends, and good company — I wish you a happy Thanksgiving.


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