Reprise: Thanksgiving at our house…


Hello dear readers,

This in no way resembles what the house looks like in real time. By this point I have become the person who the child refers to as “Boss” and who the sainted man that married me is kind enough to endure. They are probably setting the table, laying the fire, or trying to ignore the string of invective coming from the kitchen. I am cooking. I am cooking pretty much what my mother cooked and her mother cooked before her; which entails rising at dawn to have canapes out by four o’clock and the feast on the table by five. I know there are all sorts of ways to prepare in advance, but I don’t. That’s part of what I like to think of as heritage thrills. The difference in our house is that for dessert we (and I’m referring to myself and my maternal ancestors) make something called a Schaum Torte – I’ll put the recipe up later – it’s a cloud of caramelized meringue topped with berries and whipped cream – luscious any time of year.

Happy Thanksgiving – wishing you friendship, happy families, and a good crack at the wishbone, V


  1. Heritage thrills, love it. 😀
    Is it safe to assume that this beautiful room was off limits for the family until its unusual level of neatness was witnessed by others? Not that I would do such a thing of course…. 😉

  2. Atreyu Crimmins

    Dearest Vickie,

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I’ve taken my blog offline for the time being to focus on a new endeavour, but I’m still here, whistling in the shadows, and promise to return with a new posting soon!

    Love from London,

    Atreyu x

  3. Lovely room Vickie.My whole house of treasures is very tidy for short periods of time also.I could never be a complete minimalist.I greatly admire the traditional Japanese aesthetic for example and could live with that.Most modern minimalism leaves me quite cold on lots of levels.If I wanted to live in a cell it might be a lot easier to commit a crime than spends lots of money achieving -the look.

    My eyes are drawn to lots of items in your room,one after the other.Now just what is that picture of the vintage liner?I have always thought that vintage linewrs like vintage hotels are intensely romantic and intriging,both at the same time.

    • Captain Robert Dollar was a tycoon who had interests in lumber and shipping — the Dollar Steam Ship lines spanned the world, but with the Depression and his death (in 1932) the empire crumbled.

      I’ve lived in very modern houses, and once you’ve been there a while it’s no longer minimalist 😉 . Have a great weekend!

  4. Jealous of the piano… my cottage is so small we can’t get one in the door. Making due with a keyboard, which sounds good but there’s just something about the feel, sound, and look of the real thing.

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