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September 10, 2017 /
May 8, 2016 /

Here, poppets, is a photo of Miss Dietrich in a mouton coat and hat – just in case you were wondering what mouton is… Mother: More solid than the ground under your feet when you are little, more solid than a rock when you need to lean, and harder than…

December 5, 2015 /

Didn’t we all have chores? Except mine weren’t professionally photographed… . .

November 25, 2015 /

  Hello dear readers, This in no way resembles what the house looks like in real time. By this point I have become the person who the child refers to as “Boss” and who the sainted man that married me is kind enough to endure. They are probably setting the…

September 11, 2015 /
January 7, 2014 /
January 4, 2014 /

If you follow this blog you probably are familiar with the story. Lana Turner “hooks up” with Johnny Stompanato, a mob thug under the employ of Mickey Cohen. He roughs her up, they split up, they get back together. One night at Lana’s home they argue in Lana’s bedroom. Her…