Home…and dim sum Sunday

photo 1(1)We all have filters. Mine are pretty basic. I see things through the lens of where I live, I base my interactions on the dynamics I observed in my family, I hope experience has tempered both.

I suppose Sunday is as good a day as any for reflection, so I’ll tell you what binds my life together; people, food, shelter, very primal stuff. I respect the binders. I cultivate them. Dim sum Sunday is a continuation of a tradition set when I was a child. A meal shared is about as basic as it can get. And heed this; woe be to anyone, any age, who whips out their phone at the dining table… All I ask is that you keep your head in the game. Seriously. One peek at Facebook, one ping of a text, and I will go Sicilian on your a** faster than you can blink.

Good fortune lies in what binds us together. It lies in good health and good relationships. If you’ve got the good stuff covered it’s time to turn outward and start thinking about how you can help those who don’t.


  1. Lovely tradition! Ours is listening to “Sunday Baroque” on NPR on our patio, drinking coffee, overlooking the garden. Sometimes we chat, sometimes we read, sometimes we do a combination… but it’s been a favorite weekly spiritual haven of ours going on fourteen years now!

  2. George Kaplan

    Dona Vickie Corleone: Google something at mealtime and she will END your a$$!
    Dim Sum Sunday is delightful, as is your comment at the end of the post, Ms Lester.

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