I admire anyone, even if they’re 5, if they can break into song before 8 in the morning…

photo 1I’ve started taking walks in the morning, spurred on by my doctor’s advice. I asked during my last checkup if I should start training with weights to prevent osteoporosis, and my esteemed physician of 25 years replied, “No, you’ll probably just hurt yourself.”

photo 4So in the mornings I grab the only Boston garb that’s suitable for our weather in Southern California and step outside.

photo 2Around the corner there’s a park, and as I rambled I spied someone of very small stature, in a helmet, following their father who was carrying a bicycle with training wheels. The young one was singing, a veritable carol to the sun. I hastened home to two cups of coffee, the paper, and some restorative carbohydrates.


  1. I walk my dog at 7 a.m. every day. Being outside before most folks makes me want to sing. Mornings are so beautiful and there is no way in hell I’d get to see them without Duncan forcing me out!

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