Feeling as blissful as Bette for what’s to come, Christmas and a very creative New Year!

bette-davis-after-skiHello, my angels!

If you’ve been reading along on Beguiling you know I reverence Ms. Davis. She was bold and brilliant and always laid it on the line. In that spirit I am about to make some changes here on the blog which I hope you will enjoy, and which will allow me to turn my attention to my second Hollywood novel.

My collaborator in this endeavor is Pippa Rathborne, a wonderful friend, and classically trained actor.



Assisting us in the amazing world of Digital has been the incomparable Sophia Stuart, we cannot thank you enough.

Tune in tomorrow at noon…


  1. George Kaplan

    Dear Vickie ;),
    I sense sublimity is on its way… What a magnificent Christmas and New Year’s Gift! Exciting times – Hurrah for You, O Sparkling and Inspiring Scribe Hooray for the perilously talented Pippa and the redoubtably spectacular Sophia S (I almost wrote S.S. but that wouldn’t exactly have the correct piquant ring!)!

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