True story, how my screenwriting career was launched…

Murder at the Vanities, directed by Mitchell Leisen

Murder at the Vanities, directed by Mitchell Leisen

You know I have to put a qualifier in here… My screenwriting career, such as it was…

Anyway, once upon a time a big Hollywood producer had a bored overnight guest and after a sweet interlude in bed this young lady wandered through his house looking for something to read. She plucked my script from a pile on the floor, sat herself down on a couch with views to the ocean, and began to read. She didn’t respond to Mr. Hollywood’s entreaties to return to the bedroom. She ignored him when he appeared by the couch, coffee and muffins in hand. When he finally did achieve the lady’s attention she closed the pages that had put her in thrall, placed the script in his hands and said, “You need to buy this.”

I don’t even know her name but I hope she’s the head of a studio now.

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    • All the chagrin of the early years transmutes into something quite different at my age β€” I really do wish I knew her name. She did me a great kindness and I never got to thank her properly.

  1. George Kaplan

    Hello, Madame Vicki, long time no write. I very much like this, a True Hollywood Story. A Lana Turner at the drinking fountain tale! The lady in question seems to have greater acuity than Mr Producer Man! As an aside, I suspect that the bedroom interlude wasn’t very “sweet” for our perspicacious young popsy or else she would have been reluctant to leave that Lion of Hollywood and his little lion to their own devices… *winks*
    The Girl had taste!
    Warm regards, G.K.
    P.S. Hope you are having a Shamu of a time writing Lady Lester X

    • Ha! You always get to the true essence of the story. Yes, I suspect the little lion was not so intriguing, but thank goodness, else she wouldn’t have been compelled to read my script.
      Thank you for asking about the writing, am trying to focus on finishing the novel, and when I do find the time I can happily report it’s shaping up…
      All my best, V

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