“Bake the hall in the candle of her brain…” Vickie Lester’s literary antecedents revealed

Taminella Concept from The Frog Prince, Jim Henson

Taminella Concept from The Frog Prince, Jim Henson

I know, I know… You were probably thinking with the L.A. influence coupled with a long spell in an English girl’s school that my literary inspirations would be a cross between Joan Didion and Evelyn Waugh. Far from it, my angels! My writerly consciousness was largely shaped by the Muppets.


      • Pippa and I have known each other since birth! Would love you to reblog something from R&V i.e. an archive interview or review that’s original rather than a reblog. I haven’t had time to transfer nearly enough from my original R&V website and must try and catch up. We are slowly, slowly unpacking all our stuff shipped over from the UK and what delight do you think came out in the open today? It’s In His Kiss which you so kindly sent to London. It’s going by my bed. Looking forward to my email.

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