Shh! I’m reading.

For ten days author William Kuhn and I have been talking about writing, reading, screenplays, books, black and white photography, Los Angeles, the dream factory, and what and who we love. A tall order and today we wrap it all up.

But I wanted you, dear readers, to know some of the most astute things I’ve read about reading and writing come from the pen of my friend, and they are in the book above. I’m going to quote now.

“You are. You want to be. You read a book to find out how.”

“Any writer who sits down to commit herself regularly to print reveals something of herself, for all writers are to a certain extent lovers of themselves…trying on varieties of sentences as an actor practices before a mirror.”

Thought provoking, don’t you think?

Join our conversation (and today is particularly revealing) by clicking right here.

Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, and thank you Mr. Kuhn for putting it all together.



  1. George Kaplan

    I thought it fascinating too. Alas, horrible things have been happening in my “life” so I haven’t commented before now.
    Oh, S.C./Ms Vickie, with the furore over the actions of a certain creature I was reminded of a scene written by…you in which a young lady turns up at the door of an aging lothario; said sleazoid is wearing an unfastened bathrobe which swings open to reveal the unappetizing content within as if the girl would be overcome with the urge to sample this manky old anchovy rather than bail immediately. Accurate you.

    • I heard that similar unsavory tale told about about a producer, now dead, when a young lady went to his Beverly Hills home to deliver a script, he answered the door in his loosened bathrobe, and my friend dropped the script and ran. The other account involved an actor in his prime, but the offer was still as unappealing. I think it sends a very important message what the BAFTA and Academy have done — huge censure…creeps beware.

      I am so sorry to hear of the horrible things happening in your life. We here at Beguiling wish you solace and happier days ahead.

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