I will not be looking for Santa in my lingerie this Christmas Eve, though, knowing me…

Tonight I may be wearing something similar to pajamas when the sun sets. I’m thinking some polar fleece when I climb on the roof — there’s a flat bit, don’t worry — to behold the Christmas Star on the winter solstice.

The heavens will be putting on a show last seen about 800 years ago. Jupiter and Saturn will join in the sky to appear as a wondrous bright shining object. Look quickly when the sun has set in the west-southwest — the star of wonder will be visible to the naked eye for two hours only.

Now back to earth.

Usually I spend the week before Christmas talking about food on this website and posting recipes. If you want —

pancakes or waffles or gingerbread or pavlova you can click on the word and get whisked to a “how to.”

This week I won’t be cooking up a feast. I will be having Christmas dinner with the love of my life in a very quiet house, yet the magic is still here.

Happy holidays! And all my hopes and wishes for a brighter, happier, healthier new year.








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    • December 21, 2020

      And to you! How are you? We have a tree all spangled and glowing, and about 18 inches tall. It sits on a pile of books to boost it up into the window, and the book stack is taller than the tree. These past couple of weeks I’ve been working working working on a new novel. It’s not surprising our thoughts journey right now where our bodies can’t to visit with characters we’ve just met… Sending you love!

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