Episode 30. Every star I know in Hollywood acknowledges the same fact. With luck you can climb. Without it, your brakes don’t work even when you coast.

For a few short days after Antoine’s crisis I was more aware of the rhythms and mechanisms of filmmaking and its twitchy straitlaced cousin finance than I had ever been. Much like how time can seem to slow when you fall, leaving you able to see everything around you with crystal clarity before you crash into the ground, I found myself hyperaware of all the moving pieces of movie creation, as inevitable and formidable as a heartbeat. A studio produces 10-15 films a year. In 9 years someone like me would have given 90-135 movies the green light. Personally, I had been responsible for bringing 145 projects to the screen. Stories were told and tens of thousands of people were employed, day after day after day.

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