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September 24, 2012 /

I know, I know, but several people have requested an update – so here it is. For the rest of you, apologies and we’ll have more old Hollywood tomorrow. – –

September 21, 2012 /

Bear with me, this is the last batch of photos before completion – which should be the first week of October… .. Tomorrow the floor gets sanded, Monday the cabinet boxes go in, Wednesday the contractor and I go to the stone fabricator and mark the cuts for backsplash and…

September 15, 2012 /

This is how I kit myself out to clean the fireplace… Imagine how I’d react if the kitchen weren’t sealed off, I’d probably be in a haz mat suit. And, since we’re having temperatures in the 95-105 range that wouldn’t be at all pleasant. Last time it was a great…

September 9, 2012 /

Okay, this is my excuse for cracking out of the mold tonight. I’ve spent my life around people who either made movies or built things and the underlying structure of this 1924 house is so methodical and beautiful and process intensive I had to share. Oh, and by the way…

September 6, 2012 /

Shirley Temple and Eddie Cantor cut President Roosevelt’s birthday cake: The President’s motorcade through downtown Los Angeles: The President addresses Los Angeles:

September 5, 2012 /

Ext. Romanoff’s: Int. Romanoff’s: The Zanuck’s celebrate Susan”s graduation from the Marlborough School with a dance at Romanoff’s. From left to right, Darryl, Susan, and Virginia Zanuck:

September 5, 2012 /

Today is Darryl F. Zanuck’s birthday:

August 27, 2012 /

Sorry angels, I have residential architecture on the brain – perhaps because I’m renovating my kitchen. The devil’s truly in the details. Quelle horreur! Don’t even get me started on counter depth refrigerators. I’ll put this in parlance any bride would understand; counter depth or built in refrigerators are the…