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“Well?” she said not in her breathy movie voice but in her own natural and beautiful voice, a voice melodic with a hint of melancholy and on the edge of laughter. via THREE A.M. ~ Dior Homme by Christian Dior | SCENTS MEMORY.

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January 21, 2014 /

As per the traditions of Hollywood, and my habit of turning conversations my way here’s the preface: Oh! Talk about me? Of course! Spoiled and sheltered, and can go Sicilian in an instant. On the other hand. There are people who restore, regenerate, thrive in self-invention, and don’t have a…

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At Long Last Love By Mitchell Owens Published: April 29, 2001 *** With due respect to Patrick Dennis, his Auntie Mame had nothing on Elsie de Wolfe. The world’s most celebrated interior decorator stood on her head at the slightest provocation, served cocktails in the bathroom and had a blithe…