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November 15, 2012 /

The Ruben home in Santa Monica designed by Richard Neutra:

November 7, 2012 /

The Pasadena Playhouse was designed by Elmer Grey (he designed the first incarnation of the Beverly Hills Hotel) and completed in 1924. It’s a lovely auditorium and many of Hollywood’s stars have walked the boards. Here’s what it looked like in 1924: And, here it is in the 1930s: Inside…

September 18, 2012 /

Filming at the track in 1935: The building was designed by Architect Gordon B. Kaufmann (who also designed the Los Angeles Times building) in a fluid Art Deco style – 1936: The entrance and the paddock – 1936: A view of the stands the year it was completed – 1934:…

September 17, 2012 /
September 14, 2012 /

I don’t want to post pictures of the exterior because it’s been modified, and quelle surprise, I don’t like it. But, this living room with furniture designed by the architect and lake views is fabulous.

May 29, 2012 /

There’s a centennial birthday coming up (July 12th) for the Beverly Hills Hotel which opened in 1912 and was renovated by Paul Revere Williams in 1946… Iconic. If you want to know about an architect who designed many of the landmark buildings of Los Angeles and hundreds of local residences…