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Mr. Un-Modern Fred MacMurray LOST L.A. Modesty, simplicity and constancy were the themes in the actor’s traditional Brentwood home. October 01, 2011 Sam Watters . Fred MacMurray was a 26-year-old, square-jawed guy from Beaver Dam, Wis., when he became a Hollywood star, signing a contract with Paramount Pictures in 1934.…

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King Vidor escorts his wife, actress Eleanor Boardman, to the premiere of “Marianne” in 1929: This is the house architect Wallace Neff designed for them – it was completed in 1928: laniersmith What a beautiful couple! The house looks amazing. Is that an outdoor fireplace? Hope the house is still…

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What can I say? I’ll restrain myself and just remark that this was taken on the set of the movie, “Can Can” in 1959. The cake is in celebration of Maurice Chevalier’s seventy-first birthday.