1. Oh no! So sorry to hear about the “rat highway”. It sounds like grim business.

    Thank you for the different plural forms of film noir. I’ve always wondered how to write “film noir” in the plural sense, but have never bothered to look it up.

    • The rats that live on the roof, while still rats, are kinda cute…big ears, big eyes, small bodies with haunches that resemble a kangaroo (well, a little bit)…the trouble is they get under the roof tiles and find their way into the attic space where they chomp on electrical wiring. My husband was not amused when I named them Bertram and Bettina, but they seem to have scuttled off now.

  2. I spent a few nights in M. WEBSTER’s grand daughter’s house in NEWPORT, R.I. last summer!!!!!!IT is a charming B&B Now.
    RATS……..we have that problem too but down at the Chicken Coop!
    Sorry to hear you had to CUT DOWN the GLORIOUS PLANTS……………..that will help them COME BACK with FIERCE GROWTH!!!!!!!!
    SO< maybe a GOOD THING??Let's look on the positive side!

    • You will have to show me pictures when you visit!
      As to the garden, mostly what’s left in the front garden are nicely pruned fruit trees. I’m thinking masses of white roses and blue salvias to fill in, and nothing that gets too tall 😉 .

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