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April 8, 2017 /

I have a friend I met when we were nine. This picture of Mary Pickford reminds me of her, the solid gaze, the bold spirit, and the curls. She’s the only person I’ve ever known whose hair fell into perfect ringlets. Recently, she called out of the blue and we…

July 2, 2013 /

…to study fashion design with his icons. ROCK ON

June 26, 2013 /

Some combo…happy and desolate. A certain young man is in Europe, poised for a two day exam that will set the course for his next four years. Exciting, wonderful, challenging. Here at home it is very quiet, very still. None of that distinctive loping footfall that denotes an impatience with…

June 23, 2013 /

Has completed his portfolio and is packing his “off to Europe” bag to sit for an entrance exam at a school of design… I will be quiet here on blog-world for the next couple of days. Best wishes, my friends! Vickie

May 22, 2013 /
May 22, 2013 /
March 27, 2013 /

My friend responds to my post (FRIENDS | BEGUILING HOLLYWOOD) about growing up together: So you remember Jilly the Gerbil’s funeral! That was one of the first stories I told my kids about us too! I think we dressed up in our Sunday dress-up best because I distinctly remember dragging…