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February 16, 2015 /

This week a series of posts about the Academy Awards, but I thought we’d start at the inception, the organizing banquet at the Biltmore on May 11th, 1927.

September 18, 2014 /
June 7, 2014 /

1920 – out in the fresh air: 1934 – at The Talk of the Town: A carhop on roller skates, reminiscent of Vickie Lester, hat tip to SCENTS MEMORY | There is nothing like the smell of a man..

May 27, 2014 /

“Have you met my significant other?” Anne shook her head, expecting him to introduce a strapping young man, possibly, most likely, in the acting profession. Instead he blew a kiss to a taught, angular woman in her late sixties / early seventies wrapped in an Indonesian sarong. She smiled serenely.…

November 5, 2013 /

Vivien Leigh arrives in Los Angeles via Paris in 1953:

September 3, 2013 /

A few pictures, long ago, of Wilshire Blvd. and the temple: By ADAM NAGOURNEY Published: August 18, 2013 LOS ANGELES — It was known as the Temple of the Stars: a soaring sanctuary capped by a 100-foot-wide Byzantine dome, built by Hollywood moguls on the eve of the Depression and…

June 21, 2013 /

Hm… I thought the glasses gave me that intellectual je ne sais quoi, however…

May 6, 2013 /

THE NEW YORK TIMES Leo McCarey and Pearl S. Buck discuss her screenplay for, “The Bamboo Curtain”, 1961 May 5, 2013 Solving Equation of a Hit Film Script, With Data By BROOKS BARNES LOS ANGELES — Forget zombies. The data crunchers are invading Hollywood. The same kind of numbers analysis…

April 14, 2013 /

Babies, Darlings, Angels, Compadres and assorted Poppets… If you have been following this blog you’ll know I wrote a book (an irreverent, sexy, oh so mysterioso roman à clef)… Where was I? Oh yes, someone’s going to publish the book, and I was very vague about the details – no more,…