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June 6, 2018 /

I found a copy of Paraic O’Donnell‘s “The Maker of Swans” while I was in Seattle, it seems the perfect thing to distract me from the news this evening and take me into some kind of sorcery, that I’m more than intrigued by, and have no clear concept of, as…

December 31, 2017 /

  It seems we must be reawakened to the challenges of living civilly. The 1920s, when this picture of Myrna Loy was taken, was a time similar in many ways to our own. It was an era of startling innovation, ushering in the dawn of a youth culture dubbed The…

December 2, 2015 /
November 27, 2015 /
November 8, 2015 /
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March 8, 2014 /

It was at Camp Sheridan that Zelda met a young officer named Scott Fitzgerald. He was beautiful, like Zelda — they were both petite, with blond hair and light eyes. Years later, in her autobiographical novel Save Me the Waltz (1932), she wrote: “He smelled like new goods. Being close…

March 8, 2014 /
March 8, 2014 /

“She was beautiful – but especially she was without mercy.” Fitzgerald’s second novel is a typically decadent tale of a jazz age tycoon-to-be and his destructive marriage to a distant but beautiful wife… and the bottle. It is a fable of art deco lines and loose morals, gorgeous gowns and…

September 24, 2013 /