As the old year greets the still slumbering new…


It seems we must be reawakened to the challenges of living civilly. The 1920s, when this picture of Myrna Loy was taken, was a time similar in many ways to our own. It was an era of startling innovation, ushering in the dawn of a youth culture dubbed The Jazz Age by F. Scott Fitzgerald, you could lose yourself in mass entertainment via moving pictures, journalism was turned on its ear by the tabloids… I could go on but when it comes to the political and economic, things get to be frightening. And, I don’t mean to scare you for the New Year.

It’s important to remember that in the long arc of history nobody is going to be reading your tweets. If you are remembered it will be by your actions. If you are remembered it will be by what you committed to paper (the best long term storage for ideas we’ve yet come up with). Most of all you will be remembered for the good you do, and that means face to face contact with other human beings.

So ring it in hearty, and then make sure 2018 is a year you stand by, and stand for, the people and ideals you love.


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