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“Can I get a drag?” he asked. I gave him my smoke and watched him suck: high cheekbones, full lips, wide open eyes. He looked down at his phone and started playing a video. It was his Instagram. “WB11. Model, actor, but more a performer than anything,” he said. I…

October 15, 2013 /

The fab four in costume: I’m the youngest of four. One of the earliest memories I have is of my oldest brother’s birthday, following my mother around as she decorated the dining room for his party. The centerpieces were Beatles singles stacked in “house of card” towers, the table cloth…

August 24, 2013 /

THE WORLD IN A LIBRARY Depending on what source you read, either printed books or e-readers are doomed. Traditional publishing is in chaos while technology is opening up new avenues for innovation (some of which are being used by the hugely talented weblogsmith of this very site, Mrs Vickie Lester!).…