October 30, 2014 /
October 12, 2013 /

Only later did I discover the classic films – on set – “The Mummy”: –

October 12, 2013 /

I remember Mr. Karloff as the voice that narrated while the orchestra played “Peter and the Wolf”, and read “The Ugly Duckling” on an old vinyl platter that my brother and sisters had played until it was crackly – but still magical – by the time I got my hands…

August 4, 2013 /

WHAT IF…? You must remember this… Casablanca starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. But there’s also the possibly mythical notion that Ronald Reagan could have played Rick in a lower-budget version, a notion that doesn’t bear thinking about amigos! Truth be told, original screenwriters Julius and Philip Epstein were asked…