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*** Please click on the lovely red letters… which will whisk you to exciting places: Book 1 | BEGUILING HOLLYWOOD. All things glorious, thanks to: how to stay sane in a crazy world | by sophia stuart.

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…They arrived at the Beverly Hilton Hotel at around eleven. The lobby was straight out of the fifties, walls and floor of stone, star burst chandeliers, and the ballroom, while it still maintained a sinuous two-tiered design like that of a cruise ship, was carpeted with some dreadful dark jewel…

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From AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS to PLANET OF THE APES, perhaps make-up artist John Chamber’s most spectacular transformations were in service to his fellow countrymen. Working for the CIA after the Iranian takeover of the American Embassy in 1979 his efforts (in league with Tony Mendez) resulted in…

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Okay, it was my intention when I started this blog never to be crass, or destructive, or part of the weird gawker aspect of a fame driven news cycle; and to that end I’ve tried to write pieces mostly on Hollywood history – which means I usually write about people…