In a meeting, back soon, things to sort out…

1939 Carole Lombard


    • Ms. Heather! You know how literal-minded I can be, cheerleader? Prior to drama school? And depending on your age, I think you attended at the same time as a couple of friends and cousin.

      • Heather in Arles

        Ooh reeeeally? *eyebrow raise* I was in the much ballyhooed Class of `99. I wasn’t much liked there either. Too pig-headed.

        And your instinct could cut through a rock, my dear V! Here is the story: we had moved to York, PA just on the edge of Amish country (gee, thanks Dad) for the beginning of my high school years (graduation was in Santa Cruz, CA and oh how THAT was another story!). Let’s just take it as a given that I was deemed…unusual. The John Hughes movies hadn’t come out yet and I was the real Pretty in Pink. Gotcha? So, I was basically tortured in the hallways. And I couldn’t bear that, naturally. So I convinced my Sister (who had been prom queen and made it to the Nationals competition in cheerleading) to coach me for tryouts. We worked our patooties off. And I made the cheerleading squad…just to make…a point. Oh, how those football players hated me. They would run offsides on purpose just in an effort to mow me down but in the hallways? I was left alone. Victory was mine.

        Moral of the story?
        That if you are true to yourself and put your mind to something, nobody can stop you.
        Now can they, Ms. V? I didn’t think so.

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