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September 29, 2017 /
September 1, 2016 /

September 1st! Where has the time gone? I spent the spring doing a remodel on my house, and the ensuing months recovering from a shoulder injury. I was warned off sitting for hours on the computer, and thus I have been barely a presence here, and I haven’t worked on…

June 23, 2016 /
April 25, 2016 /
April 24, 2016 /

toobeguiling  It’s amazing to wake to sunrise on roses, it really is a dream — but you know about dreams — they dissipate with coffee. I’m writing another novel, the one that comes after #itsinhiskissbyvickielester –> There’s a hardware store on Santa Monica Boulevard, just over the border from Beverly…

April 15, 2016 /
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