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February 23, 2016 /
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Dive into a romantic Hollywood mystery for Valentine’s: “Did they know about The Buccaneers?” “It’s a sex club, Ms. Brown.” “You said it was an after-hours club.” “Good, you’re paying attention.” He made a pyramid of his hands, tapped his fingertips against his lips, thought for a moment, then pushed…

February 8, 2016 /

A little pedantic information, “disinterested” is not the word you sought. It is “uninterested.” The two words don’t have the same meaning; “uninterested means you have no interest in something or you have lost interest in it. “Disinterested,” on the other hand, means that you have no vested interest in…

February 4, 2016 /

Feel like dancing? James Johnson loved Manhattan. He loved Juilliard. Most of all he loved shedding all the tiresome, uncool parental pressure, but not his monthly allowance, which he supplemented with a hefty income dealing pot and coke to his like-minded artistic classmates. His best customers tended to be kids…

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Friends and family to the east, stay warm, stay safe, and let us entertain you with a Hollywood novel, served up weird, witty, and with a twist…

April 23, 2015 /

This is turning out to be a WOW day! Many thanks to author Luanne Castle!