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Spiritus – flowing, sibilant, rushing, sounds a lot more like breathing — living — than that thumping plosive Middle English or Anglo-Saxon equivalent. A pick-me-up; young Marilyn Monroe doing cartwheels on the beach. Latin Etymology From spirō (“breathe, respire; live”). Pronunciation /ˈspiː.ri.tus/ Noun spīritus m (genitive spīritūs); fourth declension breath,…

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Catherine Nichols has found that submitting her manuscript under a male pseudonym brought her more than eight times the number of responses she had received under her own name. “It’s assumed that women writers will not write anything important – anything truly serious or necessary, revelatory or wise.” “Our work…

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“Billy Dear, please dress me forever. I love you, Marilyn.” Note from Marilyn Monroe to costume designer, William Travilla: On “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”: .