‘‘You felt all through her writing that she was giving thanks for something precious.’’ Editor Judith Jones on Edna Lewis

Home from Boston (which I loved) but I felt a little like a guest in a good friend’s home so I didn’t spread out in the kitchen and cook like I usually do. Every day I would walk through the South End neighborhood where I stayed, visit the local shops and restaurants, and bring home something nice for the Mister after he had finished a long day of work on “Ghostbusters.” Now that I’m home in L.A. I’ve scheduled three dinner parties in eight days and my guiding light will be Edna Lewis. How delighted I was to see this article appear in the New York Times Magazine!

Edna Lewis and the Black
Roots of American Cooking

The chef and author made the case for black Southern cooking as the
foundation of our national cuisine. Does she get the credit she deserves?

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  1. November 2, 2015

    Forget the food ( or maybe not), I want that hair!

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