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February 23, 2014 /

When I was a kid the Gabors roamed Palm Springs. Zsa Zsa, pictured here, Eva, of television fame, Magda, who married well and often. Their mama, Jolie was a jewelry designer (I think) and I know she had store on Palm Canyon in Palm Springs. Well babies, I am not…

February 21, 2014 /
January 29, 2014 /

“Did he love her?” “He loved her more than anything.” “Did they live here?” “Yes. In the ruin.” via It was called Slave Hill | The Pink Agendist. Photos of Panama by Eadweard Muybridge

January 4, 2014 /

If you follow this blog you probably are familiar with the story. Lana Turner “hooks up” with Johnny Stompanato, a mob thug under the employ of Mickey Cohen. He roughs her up, they split up, they get back together. One night at Lana’s home they argue in Lana’s bedroom. Her…