This week is going to be light on text and heavy on pictures as I reassemble my kitchen (and put my household back in order). Saturday my breakfast companion was aghast when I turned up at our weekly dim sum rendezvous wearing black slip on sandals, jeans, a black T-shirt, and a noticeable absence of mascara – he exclaimed, “You’re not wearing shoes!” and then went on to add, “I guess I should count myself lucky you’re not wearing pajamas.” Okay, I’m not that far gone — but a little energy recoup is in order.

Hope you enjoy the pics and Sunday there will definitely be a short story.

Cheers dears,


    • Vickie Lester

      Unpacking. How did I accumulate so much stuff? I had a sudden urge to mop the floor so I tore myself away and decided to look at the comments instead. So much nicer. Hugs from here, V

  1. But darling the pajama look is IN this Season! Oh Noel ….I always remember his entrance into Elizabeth Taylor’s Casa Goforth in “Boom” riding on the shoulders of some big hunky Italian and hollering, “You-whooooo ou!” he must have been in heaven riding that human Vespa. Upon seeing Elizabeth decked out in a Kabouki costume she proclaimed “Don’t tell me we are having a Chineese dinner!”

    • Vickie Lester

      I only vaguely remember this movie, Mr. Coward played a kind of allegorical figure? And Liz is rich and dying and wears a lot of turbans? I think I must have only seen it once on the “Z” channel… I would like a big hunky Italian to come reach all the top shelves in my kitchen and finish putting all those necessary items like the copper fondue pot and roaster that will accommodate a 24 pound turkey away.

      • laniersmith

        well I am 6’3″ and If I was there you would have me as your pot and roster putter-away-er. My Mother often told me that one of the reasons she had me was to reach the top shelves for her.

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