I know one day I will own a Kindle – but, for now let me enjoy the gravity and enchantment of a book.


  1. Love these photos, especially the first one, because I can relate. You might want to do a trial run of the kindle that extends over a period of reading time before the purchase (whenever you get to that point), not only to find the e-reader that works for you, but also to make sure you bond with electronic reading. I bought a kindle when it first came out and stopped using it after a few weeks. No amount of upgrades will change me — I simply don’t like the electronic book experience. Makes me feel like I’m reading in a tunnel, or with blinders.

    • I bet you can — by the way thanks for the great reviews — I’ve been merrily adding books to my Amazon cart. I read about cognitive mapping, memory and retention in a NYT article comparing print to digital media. Good news for print, not so great for digital…

  2. I’m not sure about the Kindle. I’m always reading bits and pieces of so many different books at any given time that I’d probably overwhelm the Kindle.

    I love the last photo – reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode where the world has been obliterated by nuclear war, and one nerdy guy remains. He realizes he’s alone and is excited about the prospect of being left alone to read to his heart’s content. Then he breaks his reading glasses.

  3. I love my kindle. LOVE. I love my paper books as well, and some can only be truly appreciated when held in the hand, but the kindle is just wonderful for the type of reading I do.

    Those times when I want to go back and check a fact or look something up, I don’t have to flick through the book, constantly distracted by other parts that are equally interesting, I can just jump straight to it.

    One other thing I love is that I can hear about a book, someone might refence it on a blog, or on the radio or tv, and I can pull out my kindle and go straight to the store and either buy it, or get the first chapter (free!) to see what it is like.

    Even better, no more moaning from the Man when we go away and my bag of books is the heaviest thing we take!

    That second picture is so surreal isn’t it. I can imagine one of the men turning, book in hand, to encounter the debris behind him with surprise. So engrossed in the shelves the drama behind him had gone on unnoticed. Because that would never happen to me. No, never…. 😉

    • Kubrick was an amazing photographer, the second image of Holland House during the Blitz is iconic but I don’t know who the photographer was — I’ll have to do some research and see if I can find out!

  4. As an author, I appreciate Kindle sales. As a reader, I want the thrill that comes only from tactile titles.

    Besides, just try to get an autographed first edition with an electronic device!

    • Tactile… is heaven. I think I’m something of an old dragon, but I love to look at my bookshelves and pull an old favorite down and tote it off to my lair. Speaking of which, I just put your book, “Buzz”, on the shelf in between Spark and Stegner. One of these days I’ll have to get it autographed!

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