My angels, this has been a whack-a-do year… And, I am going to take a short break from blogging to confer with the publishers of my…

ro·man à clef  

/rōˌmän ä ˈklā/

A novel in which real people or events appear with invented names.

If I were still young like this (that little guy is in his second year of college now) I would multitask my way through this, but I’m not, so… Have fun, I’ll be popping around to read all my blogging friends, and I’ll see you soon.

Oh, and if you want to check in with me leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Baby B and Me


    • I’m obsessing about the book cover right now — I should probably calm down and head over to see what’s going on with your NYC — it’s going to be a little while before we’re published and I’ll be back on the blogging beat long before that. xox, V

  1. Atreyu Crimmins

    Well, I’ve liked this, but I don’t like you being away! What am I going to do without my daily doses of Gary Cooper, Eva Gardener and Dean Martin? And, more importantly, without your effortless wit and elegance? Best of the luck with the novel, and do stay in touch my darling.

    A xoxo

  2. I don’t have anything as wonderful as a publishing deal going on but I, too, was just about to take a short break. This is an exciting time, V. I’m thrilled for you. Enjoy every minute of it.
    The photograph speaks volumes – a young, beautiful mother and her precious babe – that perfect moment captured. Gorgeous photo.
    I’ll be missing you and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. No need to wish you luck or joy or anything else – you have it going on in spades. I feel lucky to even be on your radar!
    Hugs to you, my love!
    Lisa xoxox

    • Oh, dear friend, I think a break is definitely more constructive than what I was suggesting. I hope your time away from the web it’s full of resolution and creativity (your book!) and calm. Please, contact me anytime you want. My radar will go wonky if I don’t hear from you for too long…
      Love, love, love,

  3. George Kaplan

    Aw, Vickie as Patti Kuche and A Gripping Life have already said more eloquently than I, that is a perfectly beautiful picture; cute little fellow and his luminous mama. Magical.
    Best of luck with the tome but as I may or may not have said before, you don’t really need that luck ’cause honey you’ve got *talent*! (and style too but that goes without s…). I’m excited for you, it is going to be great. George. X

  4. George, true confession – I’m actually a bit stressed (now, not then). How do I know? I just bought 14 books from Amazon. I haven’t been in my happy space, reading a book, not writing one, in a very long time. Thanks for the recommendations and keep in touch because I’ll be lurking. Like I do.

  5. Miss Vickie
    The Dandy feels so honoured to have caught you before you take your temporary leave, sad to see you so, consoled that he has your archive to trawl and mostly very, very excited by the prospect of your shiny new novel, a roman a clef no less.
    My most wholehearted of best wishes. May you raise you book as well as you have this happy little man.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  6. George Kaplan

    V, “I just bought 14 books(…)”, that sounds hauntingly familiar, you really are a woman after my own heart, honey! May you soon find your way to your happy place and the stress melt away like fog in the sun; all the hoo-hah will be worth it but curling up with a few good books will be all the more relaxing. You are, if I it doesn’t sound too hinky (:)), my inestimably valued friend. It means so much for you to want me to keep in touch (mushy? me?) You warm my heart.
    Please accept a virtual embrace from here, G.

    P.S. Boy, I do go on don’t I?!

    • Sentimental in all the right kind of ways, thank you. And, if you can think of a novel (mildly amusing, or funny) you’d like to recommend please send it my way. My book order was a little too tilted toward non-fiction.
      Merci beaucoup!

    • I’m looking forward to catching up and reading your posts, and I feel like I’ve announced that I was heading for Siberia for an undetermined time, possibly years… But, in truth I’ll be back very soon. 🙂 V

  7. Enjoy your break (I’m looking forward to seeing the results) and I hope you get in lots of relaxing reading as well. Call it preparation, research or marshalling your thoughts, just don’t let on that you are actually enjoying it… 😀

  8. Waiting to see the first pass at the book jacket by the graphic artist – and something that didn’t occur to me that was mentioned by the publisher is that the cover had to be arresting… in a thumbnail image because that’s the way most people will see it.

    • I read an article recently lamenting the death of really good album covers for that very reason. They have to look good in thumbnail on ipods so the interesting detail of covers looks like it is a thing of the past. I am sure people thought the same thing when smaller cd covers took over from vinyl too.

  9. George Kaplan

    V., that’s fascinating, it sounds an exciting challenge if also pretty difficult. Do you go for a more abstract image maybe something like an image-metanym say a swimming pool or the Hollywood sign at night, or something that more concretely represents the book’s world? Interesting. Maybe a woman’s mouth whispering secrets to another or Hollywood party-of-the damned or a woman who could be the protagonist with a mysterious expression? Well, you can tell I’m not a graphic designer but it’s intriguing!
    It’s a little sad that many people will first see the cover as a thumbnail, it does make it even more of an adventure getting the correct cover. Exciting, as I say. There is nothing like going into a bookshop and coming across a wonderful book of which you were unaware; the interweb’s full of great things (such as your weblog, cherie :)) but the death of bookshops and places you can actually go in and browse horrible. Erm, but I digress… Can’t wait to see the cover (hope that process is a swift one for you), I’m sure it’ll be elegant to match the really important stuff, that is, what’s inside. You can’t beat a good book, the creation of novels as repositories of story *and* as objects is one of humanity’s great accomplishments. Yes, “Pretentious” is my middle name!
    Hope you have a fulfilling and fun week, G.

    • Very interesting, sir — because you’ve just about hit the nail right on its head! Swimming pool, twilight, Hollywood Sign, an iconic mid-century house. At least that’s the direction we were talking about at the initial meeting. I’ll keep you posted!

  10. George Kaplan

    Fabulous, I look forward to it (you notice I refrain from making any comment about great minds thinking alike…oops too late ;)).

  11. Oh, V, what a precious picture! I’m right where you seem to be, juggling a memoir and too many other creative projects to mention, and not finding enough hours in the day to do it all. The only thing I haven’t had the courage to do is what you have so gracefully done— called a timeout on blogging. It’s all I can do to get a post up these days, let alone visit some of my favorite blogs (yours being one :-).) Good for you for taking a break! Best of luck on your book adventure!

    • Memoir! I want to buy the first copy! It is challenging to blog, and work on other projects, oh… and have a life 😉 We’ll find our balance. AND, I am so looking forward to your book! xoxox

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