To my neighbor…


Owner of the mighty seven inch mutt (Mr. Piddles, not his real name) who pitches like a major leaguer.

Take me out to tea, or the chew toy gets it.


  1. Heeheehee. Ah not even a dog lover can deal with other dogs chew toys…”And you can’t take them back because they’ve got spit all over them” (thank you Mr. Steve Martin).
    Have a better day Ms. V.

  2. I mustn’t be good with dogs, I took one to the park left a stick on the ground and threw the hound! 🙂 Ahahahaha! NOTE TO DOG-LOVERS: NOT REALLY!

  3. Oh~ wish you lived in my country; we could get form a small gang against these inconsiderate owners- lol. There was a grumpy old guy who lived in the neighbourhood who always walked his little darling to my lawn and then let it relieve itself. Of course, he never picked up the mess. One night, I faced him; it was the holiday season, so I was gentle with my approach. He told me to “F OFF.” I ended up wishing him a merry ******* Christmas. Just had to share.

  4. Pure and simple, this post – and your gloves – made me happy.

    (I once sent an agency wide email, threatening whomever had stolen my coffee cup to return it forthwith. I received one email in return, “$10 dollars or I kill the cup.” I answered, “$20 dollars or I kill you.” Good times.)

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