Mom and Kennedy, Part I

A brief excerpt:
“We sat at the kitchen table listening to the radio. The man’s voice said Mrs. Kennedy’s pink suit was blood-soaked with the president’s own blood. He said a bullet had entered the president’s head. It sounded like in The Manchurian Candidate, the movie I was supposed to sleep through at the drive-in. I hadn’t slept. Now I remembered the big hole in the middle of the man’s forehead.”

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Part I

Fifty years ago, I was in third grade. I had no idea that I would remember that one day so well all these decades later.  The following story, which I’ve broken into two parts so that it’s not too long, is about the Kennedy assassination from my 8-year-old self’s viewpoint without much adult reflection.


The weather was warm for November in Michigan, maybe sixty degrees. The end of the day bell rang early. That was unusual, but we were used to doing what the teachers told us to do. Valerie* and I walked to the bus loading area in front of the school with our jackets over our arms.

Her brother rushed over to us with a transistor radio pressed to his ear. His excitement radiated from his body like heat waves. “Wait til you hear what happened!”

Valerie looked at her brother sideways, as if she…

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  1. Luanne

    Thanks, Vickie, for the re-blog. I’m so glad you enjoyed the story, if one can enjoy hearing about that horrible event. Stay tuned Friday for Part II!

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