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January 4, 2018 /
December 9, 2013 /

Mink for every day… 1954 Mink for the President’s birthday – 1962

November 22, 2013 /

JFK and the Awful Grace of God | Law on Politics.

November 21, 2013 /

But there’s this one thing I wanted to say… I’m so ashamed of myself… When Jack quoted something, it was usually classical… no, don’t protect me now… I kept saying to Bobby, I’ve got to talk to somebody, I’ve got to see somebody, I want to say this one thing,…

November 20, 2013 /

A brief excerpt: “We sat at the kitchen table listening to the radio. The man’s voice said Mrs. Kennedy’s pink suit was blood-soaked with the president’s own blood. He said a bullet had entered the president’s head. It sounded like in The Manchurian Candidate, the movie I was supposed to…